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No Vacation Required Podcast

For fulfillment fanatics interested in traveling deliriously, living deliberately, and working virtually.


NVR Guys

OFF WITH A BANG - When we arrived in Denver, Neil and Lisa were ready to roll. Before we could even get our bags out of the car, they swooped us into their car, and we were off (N and L have a reputation for being stellar hosts!) First stop...  manicures and pedicures (something we never treat ourselves to).  After that, a huge lunch.  Good thing they got us “cleaned up” ahead of time, as the restaurant allowed no hats.  Neil wasn’t having ANY of that little rule.  Snobby place but wonderful food.

THE GRAND TOUR - Our time in Denver has been filled with catching up, enjoying the dogs, visiting people and checking out places across the city.  We always enjoy our time here, so it’s fun to get the scoop on what’s changed with everyone and every place since the last time.

TOP-OGROPHY - We always like embarking on little side-trips when we are in Denver.  One evening we went up into the mountains just a short drive away.  What a beautiful time of year to enjoy the landscape.  We had flashbacks, taking us back to our time in Quito, Ecuador with limited oxygen.  We also had another super excursion up to Boulder (and we thought Seattle was liberal!) where we wandered around Pearl street, basking in the sunshine and enjoying lunch.

READY TO ROLL - Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head out on the road again.  After one last group dinner, pictured above, we’re ready to press ahead in order to see what awaits us on our own side of the country.  As usual, though, we leave Denver with heavy hearts. The gang here is always a huge reminder of what fantastic families we have.