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NVR Guys

SAYING GOODBYE - Last night, we did make it to see the Monuments.  It was well worth it and even more impressive than it was during the day.  It ended up being much too late of a night, however, considering we had to get up early for a big day of travel. FROM THE STREET - A girl stopped at an intersection to wait because the pedestrian sign was flashing red and traffic was crazy.  Her mother said: “What are you doing?  That doesn’t mean stop - it means go fast!!!” Hardcore.

ALL THINGS TOLD - We had a fantastic time in DC and are very happy that it was our starting point.  It exceeded our expectations - lots of stories to share.

SLEEP IN THE EYES - Early this morning, we had to hustle in order to make it to the airport on time.  We thought we were doing pretty well until we realized that we were on the wrong Metro train.  Thankfully, our recovery time wasn’t too bad; we made it to National Airport with a few minutes to spare.  We got pulled into special security because of our electric toothbrush; eight people had to confirm it wasn’t a bomb. Airports are such a downer these days.

DID YOU SAY AIRPORT - One-way car rentals are, we learned, unrealistically expensive.  We scouted out a deal in Florida, with a rate of less than $5 a day (with no one-way fee).  What a deal.  So, we found a discount airline ticket to Florida, and we were off.  All for much less than the car alone would have been.  You have to get creative - especially in this economic climate - to find the hottest deals.

SPEAKING OF DEALS - We used Hotwire in order to book our hotel in DC.  We got an amazing deal and  enjoyed a 4-star hotel (paying what we would have expected to pay for a 2-star property).  Moreover, they even upgraded us because we are members of their loyalty program.  Great service, large fitness center and a spacious room to recover in after sightseeing. We couldn’t have asked for more (although those of you that know us well know we would have loved a breakfast buffet!).

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST - We had the illustrious honor of flying on US Air.  They were the first airline to announce that they will be charging for soda pop.  We shouldn’t act surprised, but we are.

THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE - That’s the title of an audio CD that we found waiting in our car - makes us wonder who the previous renter was, Given that she also left paperwork indicating that she has a delinquent son, she may want to buy The Power of a Praying Mother.

SETTLED IN - So we set off in the car and have made it to Montgomery, Alabama.  I know - we’re just about as surprised as you must be. Watch for more tomorrow on what drew us to Montgomery.