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We aim to live a "no vacation required" (NVR) life, where every day is pretty awesome and something to look forward to. Our goal is to motivate you to do the same.


Welcome! We're fulfillment fanatics who jettisoned old-school notions of success and crafted a "no vacation required" life.  Why? Because happiness isn't something that should be deferred. 

The scoop:

Several years ago we set out to to live a "no vacation required" life, where every day is pretty awesome and something to look forward to. We successfully rejiggered life in order to merge our obsession with travel and our professional expertise in helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential. That means working virtually (via our location-independent business) so that we can explore the world, live deliberately and give back a bit along the way.  With only one chance at life, we try to avoid a "we'll do that someday" mindset. Join us!

The why:

The goal of this site is simple. We want you to stop saving your dreams for later in life and to live now. Through our unconventional journey – and experiments in maximizing life, work and travel – we hope to motivate you to better know yourself and to quit deferring fulfillment. We bet that when, like us, you take your life off of auto-pilot, you'll be amazed by what happens. Click around the site and you'll uncover tips, ideas, and some of the details of our path as we navigate our dream life.

The basics:

Our version of a maximized, NVR life revolves primarily around three cornerstone categories – living deliberately, traveling deliriously and working virtually. While we love sharing tips, ideas, etc. via our NVR Blog and NVR 365, our prime motivation for this site – and our lives – is our NVR Project, the platform for our mission to make the world a bit more hospitable for everyone.

The website:

We've recently switched up our website's approach (and look!) in order to: deal with a technical problem, sharpen its focus, modernize the look, and better streamline the content. Thanks for your patience while we sort out the details of the website's upgrade.

Thanks for checking out our site!

Kent & Caanan

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